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Men's Bath Salts Giftbox

Men's Bath Salts Giftbox

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Looking for a way to pamper yourself after a long day?

Our Men's Bath Salts Giftbox, complete with soothing tealight candles, offers a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. 

Crafted with natural minerals and essential oils, our bath salts provide the ultimate relaxation experience by detoxifying the body and relieving sore muscles. The addition of our Frankincense & Myrrh-scented candles enhances the experience by promoting restful sleep, reducing anxiety and stress, and easing tension from both the mind and body.

Whether you're struggling with daily pressures, grief, or sadness, our grounding blend can bring a sense of peace and calm to your life. Our 100% natural soy wax candles produce a warm and inviting glow and a subtle, soothing aroma that transports you to a state of pure bliss.
Choose our Men's Bath Salts Giftbox for an indulgent and revitalizing experience.

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